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(See information in Spanish on Surrounded by pine forested hills, the small, protected sandy cove of Cala Salada is a favourite for residents and private boat owners.

I generally rent from Enterprise, but went with cheaper price this time. Needless to say I am dissapointed with the quality of their customer service. First I confirmed the car online the type of car, where we'll pick it up & drop off. We were NOT told that the second driver cost extra for 6 days.Staff does not know how to recognize a customer waiting in line. I unfortunately didn't look at my contract when I signed it as I trusted Kayak. We never used the other driver as I added one just to be "safe" so I wouldn't invalidate my contract just in case I needed the second driver. The car was not ready and the salesperson said it would take 10 minutes to vacuum the car.The vehicle was fine but the staff from the people who inspected the cars to the rental staff acted like sophomoric high school boys being unsupervised. it was 09/08/16 between pm -4pm The shuttle to the barn... I waited and when the car was given to me it was dirty. Don't have any big complaint the only thing I didn't like was trying to find the place was confusing.The staff apologized for "forgetting" to mention it to them but not happy. (We wanted the Rav 4 since I am thinking about buying one with my next auto purchase.) They substituted a larger SUV, Kia Sorrento which was much too big for two people.This small beach gets very busy on summer weekends, with people often spread across the rocks that separate Cala Salada and neighbouring Cala Saladita.


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