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is attempting to capture more than that a pipe dream? I want to follow my plan because I have done my homework and Ii understand my plan will work. Ed, thank you for your insights and honesty in sharing them with others. I judge those feelings as unbearable and I am unwilling to continue my twin dogs as Ed says.

Swing Trading Is - in your opinion - a mechanical long-term trend-following a superior trading strategy to short-term (1-3 days) swing-trading? I trade a long-term trend-following system (entries happen not very often because I enter on 55-days breakout) on forex but I feel very strong temptation to engage in swing-trading.

The unknown inner voice tells me just to try it when my system is out of the market. obviously, buying the low and selling the high of any trend is simply not going to happen ...

“ Und doch hat sich seit dem letzten Vergleichstest von Videotelefonieprogrammen [1] eine Menge getan.

Die Video-Codecs wurden verbessert, die Programme überarbeitet, die PCs schneller.


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