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(h/t BSO) reports Spoelstra was hanging out at the annual fundraiser thrown by Heat broadcasters Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino.The event afforded the world a moment to point in the Heat coach's general direction and proclaim, "Yo, check out who Spo is dating." The lady’s name is Nikki Sapp, and she started dancing at Heat games in 2006—just after turning 18.

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Having a chick in a band just to help the image (which is what Billy does... Having a chick in a band just to help the image (which is what Billy does... I wish he'd just stop making music under the Smashing Pumpkins name. In addition, she recently played bass with Spinnerette (Brody Dalle) for their shows in So Cal and the UK, and locally with L. I always liked the female bass player fetish, good news.somehow if it was a guy you'd still fucking complain. Actually I was really pissed when they ditched Eric Avery because he couldn't "keep up" or some bullshit like that.

International conglomerates find the business climate strong and the labor pool ambitious and eager to perform their work on a global scale. Cast: Gaby, Jennifer, Kirsten, Nathalie, Paola, Sophia Joanne is a high class fuck.

One of the high tech industries rarely overlooked when discussing Thailand is the Little Brown Fucking Machines.

Thin, asian, quiet and odd yet humorous when it counts, religious - just like James. We've had white (D'Arcy), REALLY white (Melissa), latino...

give Billy a couple years, maybe he'll go for a black bassist or a girl from the middle east!


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