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What you need to know: There are five sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Abby, Gidget, Ivy, Kit, and Rosa.Why you'll never look away: These otters have more fun in 10 seconds than you'll have in your entire day.The jury found him not guilty by a unanimous vote on each of the four counts.Wayne said two alternate jurors also concurred with the panel's decision.Why you'll never look away: Don't worry, you're not a goat voyeur. What you need to know: The Vancouver Aquarium showcases Japanese Sea Nettles on its Jelly Cam.Why you'll never look away: The sight of these jellyfish gliding across your screen is sure to calm your nerves after a stressful day.

Sadeghi, 41, looked to the ceiling and was hugged by defense attorney Lisa Wayne after the final verdict was read inside Criminal District Judge Laurie A. The millionaire surgeon faced a mandatory prison term of one to five years on three of the counts he faced, and up to two years on the other.We're going to go to trial and we're going to win, because I have an innocent client." Uptown plastic surgeon Dr.Alireza Sadeghi, flanked by defense attorneys Michael Magner and Lisa Wayne, leaves the Orleans Parish criminal courthouse Wednesday (March 22) following his acquittal on four counts of video voyeurism.Sadeghi declined comment on the verdict outside the courthouse. Sadeghi is obviously very pleased, he's very relieved," defense attorney Michael Magner said outside the courthouse.He still faces a separate trial on charges of second-degree rape and video voyeurism, based on allegations made by his former wife. "We have to go on to the next trial on June 5, and he's just as innocent of those charges as he is of these.But be careful; if you leave the Kitten Rescue cam on too long you might die of cuteness overload.


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