Back dating vista back to xp

Restoring the computer is simple and completely reversible.We're acutely aware of the fact that many of you are reluctant to make the move to Windows Vista. Why leave the comfort of your tried-but-true Windows XP?If you’re not able to boot into Windows, go to How to restore your PC.If the System Restore points are missing, it can be because the System Restore utility has been turned off manually.The system restore feature in the Windows operating system is put in place to restore computers to a previously saved state in the case of a threatening virus, bug or system crash.On your HP computer, you can take advantage of the Windows feature by accessing the system restore application.Wizardly Help for Forgotten Passwords Lose track of your password? Prevent Accidental Copies Yes, there is a way to select and copy files without risking accidental copies.Desktop Icon Titles Are Too Narrow You can change the width of the icon label. Setup Errors on Certain Files Ever get the "can't be copied" error during an install?

We've dug up our favorite Windows XP tips, tricks, and hacks just for you.

Right-click on Taskbar and select "Toolbars - Press Enter and click on "Select folder" button. It'll immediately add Quick Launch toolbar to Taskbar. Now right-click on Taskbar and uncheck "Lock the taskbar" option. You'll see a placeholder to drag the Quick Launch toolbar. Right-click on the toolbar placeholder and uncheck "Show Title" and "Show Text" options. If you want to increase the icon size, right-click on the toolbar placeholder and enable "View - Large Icons" option.

How to fix if your Windows no longer shows the System Restore points (points are missing or have disappeared).

When the system starts up, make sure you press a key when prompted to boot from the Windows installation disc.

When you do, you'll see the familiar Windows installation language-selection screen (image below).


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