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Although I'm not a dancer myself I LOVE dance shows and movies.

I found this show on Netflix streaming a couple months ago and quickly finished it (too quickly I'm afraid.) It's just a wonderful show!

After this her professional stage started with success story one after another.

It took me all of two episodes to fall in love with all the characters and become totally invested in their lives.

Although this seems to be advertised as a "kids show", as a 21 year old I never felt like this was too juvenile for my tastes. All the performances are good, with some better than others.

Ollie then begins to help Sammy take his ballet from "embarrassing" to "competent." When Sammy passes his tests, he is allowed to go up the coast, and participate in another Regional competition for the Prix.

Seven top Australian teenager surfers are selected to live in a training facility attached to a high school.


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